3 Mistakes to not to do in the mariage.


Mistake number one, neglecting the time between the ceremony and the cocktail party, what you need to understand is that on your wedding day, you take charge of your guests from the schedule. Which is written on the invitation card. Therefore, it is your wedding starts with a ceremony for example at home, in a place of worship, write a time out between the ceremony and the cocktail. Well, it’s up to you to plan what your guests can do. So I’m coming to you and you’re going to tell me no, there’s nothing to worry about. The guests who are going to go to the hotel, they’re going to go and have a drink, they’re going to relax, no-no, except that you have another chance in 10 for some of the guests to arrive early and sometimes. Consequence, the place? The decoration is not finished, the musicians may still be testing. The cocktail party is not set up and therefore you invite. They’ll find themselves waiting. So no, it’s not a drama but as I told you, on the 5 key moments to make your wedding successful, wait. At a wedding, you have to take care of your entrances and exits and for a first impression, it’s a bit the same. So our advice, if you have a gap in your planning and Ben it’s all about being prepared. A refreshment that can be at the exit of the town hall, the town hall that proposes it, or on the place intended and so, for example, we can have refreshment from 5 pm, so drinks a little cold and from 6 pm, the beginning of the official cocktail with the small fours, they played.

Mistake number 2 is not to have taken the police or the big heat, it is never due to his marriage. It’s always 25 degrees with a nice breeze in October, that’s the best of all worlds because in reality there is one thing you can’t control, the weather. And if you haven’t planned for it to rain like crazy, the solution for the bride-to-be is quite simple: you just have to plan a scenario, an ideal. You will be wished and then in these 2 scenarios, you will have to have planned. The locations? This is where you will see if there are any. For example, there is no fallback solution for which you could consider setting up a Barnum or installing your jar on the dance floor. All of these choices will have an impact in terms of organization, but the big difference is that, as you will have seen, you will need to be able to use a large umbrella. Another tip was to provide large umbrellas. This can be useful in the case of a heatwave, or the case of a small, fine size. In addition, it can be very relevant for your providers in case of threatening weather. In short, threatening weather is this weather. You don’t know if it’s going to rain or shine because if your guests can move around easily, how can you tell that the caterer will have trouble running with his waffle machine? His arm, the guitarist with his uncle, et cetera. So, the big parasol or small Barnum can be very practical.

Mistake number 3, we would have already talked about in my previous video on the 5 key moments, which I’ll put here again. There are certain things that people dread at a wedding. It’s a long dinner. You know the one we have at 4 am. So yes, it’s good, but by the end, you’re a bit fed up. So what causes a long dinner? It has 3 causes, essentially the first one, the number of courses seated per. If you have planned a gourmet meal with an appetizer, starter, or a dessert, you are bound to have a long dinner. The number one Norman hole of the number 2, cheese, dessert, mignardises. There, it will be difficult to make it short and put several animations. And besides, we’re going to make you a video dedicated to the subject because there’s a lot to say. We will include in the animations everything that your family, your friends have prepared for you, the speeches, the shows, all the games, the slides, the films, and the songs, in short, all these surprises that the family friends. So it’s something very nice. The animations because it has infected even something. For you two? But if there are too many or they are too long and Ben it can fall your dinner and Paris tick. But again, we’ll get to that in a future video because there’s a lot to tell you about topic number 3, of dinner too long of that, we’ve been able to observe in different marriages, we’ve been playing, is that there are big disparities from one marriage to another on cancer. The factors that I have been able to identify are essentially the number of waiters, there being no waiter and then the service will not be able to go fast enough. then a kitchen that is not adapted to the constraints of the caterer.