3 Tips For A Good Couple

Together we will see that it is really possible to save your relationship when it goes wrong. However, you have to do things that will seem counter-intuitive. I love this phrase from Albert Einstein who says madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result when we are in this attitude, finally talking about our feelings, talking about the. That’s and that’s reasoning with our partner. Eventually, will hit a wall. Why?


because your partner does not want to admit that he or she has been wrong. Your partner will remain in a form of evidence, that his situation is no longer acceptable and that it is necessary to end your relationship when your couple is going badly, the more you will talk about it and the more the negative will remain present. So my number one piece of advice is very simple, avoid talking about the problems, avoid talking about what you have understood. So you do it in one sentence and say I had a huge breakthrough today, I understood that this is something to count on. Spend more time together, keep the passion going and that’s all in one sentence, because it’s about putting more positive around the neck and not staying focused on the negative.

Tip 2

that I really wanted to pass on to you is that in order to save a couple, you have to lead by example first. Leading by example means not like yesterday morning, a man who told me Alex, I don’t misunderstand the mass and I do several. Yet she does not want to return with our couple was going pretty well, so basically there are problems, what to do? And I explain it when your couple is going bad. If you do too much action towards your partner, whether it’s a man or a woman, you’re going to seem too much to who is in fact your partner will start to say that it’s the pressure of **** and that’s positive that there’s not enough of a challenge in some way, so strangely enough, the best advice I can pass on to you want to set an example, is to have a personal life that’s strong, fulfilling, ********* positive or obviously you’re going to be able to make up for the mistakes you’ve made so far. That’s why in your day, in a video that I’m making for you in fact, you’re going to need time for your evolution. Sport put in fact new activity when you put all this in place your partner, you will start to feel that you are different, you different. So the couple that was hurting will transform, transform into a new selection. And that’s what’s very important, usually in direction wants to save my couple. Problem is that your partner will understand what you want. It’s remained in the same problem. So I don’t know about you but that’s what your partner is going to understand, so you can’t save your relationship, you have to start a new solution and that’s why you have to do.

Tip 3

If your relationship is going badly, it’s because you’ve disguised the little window of opportunity. You have let it tell you that the love will feed on itself. In a way, we all think that love is enough. The right relationship isn’t necessarily so. You need love, but you need the attention of sharing, of communication. That’s why from now on, I’m going to ask you to always be super positive, to always show that there is an evolution, that you see your future in fact, you are able to tell your partner look at what we are going to live in fact to talk about projection is not the leader, he was talking about children today. I would like to have children, I would like to want to create my own business. I would also like to go to concerts with you by the same kind of music, et cetera. In fact, the more you show her that you have desires that are coming up, the more your couple will get out of their usual routine and into something different. So instead of talking about it, instead of communicating about your feelings, we’re really going to help him by setting an example by projecting our partner with specific desires that must first be from a personal point of view. You have a message and how do you really believe that my partner? well actually stay with my group the answer because in fact I just have a beautiful valley of your desires okay to make the difference egocentrism that in fact everything depends on you there it’s different you act because you have children it will awaken the passion with my mother and there for the blow ,yes!