3 Tips to make him miss you.

If today you ask how can I make him miss me, what are the solutions to make them look like? That he wants to spend time with me, that he needs me? That he simply wants to go further, so to commit to a lasting relationship. There are 3 key points that I would like to share with you. There are 3 tips that will revolutionize your love life. So what are the 3 key points for a man to feel the lack?

The very first point which for me is one of the most important, is that if you want a man to feel the lack, you must never and I lost, never give him everything he wants. What does that mean? If a man says yes, but you never call me? And you start calling him regularly? At some point, he won’t be able to feel the lack because you were going to meet all his needs, what does that mean in practice? In fact, if you give him everything he wants-he won’t have time to feel the lack. So I want you to be yourself. It’s as simple as that, you’re going to be yourself, even if you ask for more call. You’ll say, look, I’m not much of a phone person. If you ask to see each other regularly, I have to see my friends, I have passions. You’ll see when you can, I know it’s hard because it’s not in our nature, so our nature would be to say Bah yes of course, I’ll do it. You’re going to end up in a form of emotional dependence and in the end, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where he won’t be able to feel the lack, so point number one, we don’t give him what he wants. In any case, we give him everything he wants, it’s normal, it’s a game.

No, because point number 2, if you want a man to feel the lack, there must be high emotions, strong emotions. That is, instead of giving him everything he wants, we’re going to make him discover new things. I want you to introduce something new at every meeting. Every date, I want to make sure that you have a great time there’s a phrase I use that’s very powerful. I want you to create memories, things or even 10 years from now, you’re going to remember them so your mission ladies, is not to give him what he wants, but to make him discover new emotions that it’s that feeling between you two? There’s something much more powerful than he thought. Okay, if you do that, I can guarantee you it will be great. So if you want to go further in understanding a man, his needs, what he really wants, you’ll be able to find out just what the secrets are to getting inside a man’s head.

The third point if you want to miss a man, is to avoid getting into a routine. When I say routine, I mean married life, life as a couple, but not only. A concrete example, I accompanied Sylvie last week. She then said to me from France, from the small coffee shop, come on, I don’t understand, I met this man, everything was going very well, you know these famous false starts, as I regularly talk about, it’s a relationship that explodes, everything is going well and then after a while, it stops. That’s exactly what happened. For 4 weeks, everything was going well and then, from one day to the next, he tells me that he’s losing his feelings. Why do I like to show him, but he’s losing feelings? What’s going on and I say to myself that this is what’s going on today. It’s very simple, you’ve been talking every day for four weeks, you’ve been seeing each other very frequently for four weeks and you’ve been sleeping together every day, so what can I say if I love the person, I can’t not sleep with them. The answer is yes, that’s true, but if you sleep together all the time, all the time, at some point, how do you want them to feel the withdrawal? Naturally, they’re going to think that. It’s too easy or you’re in a relationship, there’s no more seduction game, you feel the lack when you’re in emotional dependence, that’s not good, or when you’re in a seduction game, in a little flirtation, exactly where I want you to be, so once again, it’s very easy to feel resentment, you just have to follow psychological rules that come from human sciences and allow you to never be too much acquired or too nice, I let you think about that.