5 Secrets for a successful wedding speech


Today, I’m going to give you tips on how to write a super moving speech that will please all the guests and especially the bride and groom. The advice I’m going to give you is not to improvise when you’re asked to give a wedding speech, don’t come on the big day without any plan, without having any speech to prepare, if you’re going to improvise, it’s not necessarily a very, very good idea. Because already, if you are not very comfortable speaking, having a written or pre-written speech will allow you to, well, rely on something. To have something to look at, that’s if you’re ever a good shepherd, you hesitate, you’re a little shy, but the fact of having a, of having rehearsed, of having thought about your speech in advance. Well, that will give you a little more there, you will be a little clearer, a little more at ease. And then if you ever have a memory lapse, well, you still have a paper. You already have something, you press it and we will find your memory. So when you’re given the task of giving a speech or, when you just want to speak, a wedding, well, first of all. I advise you to think about a plan, to think about what you want to say. We’re going to do a little bit like when we write something at school. First, we’ll write a plan, then we’ll vote. It’s a bit of a mess and then we’ll put it in order. We’ll write an intro, a conclusion, and so on.

The second tip for writing a great speech is to add a little humor. It’s the time you want to give your speech. Well, putting a little bit of humor in it will allow the guests to enjoy the moment and appreciate it. Because the speech already of it will go. A little bit of the solemn look that you usually get when you give a speech and secondly, it will captivate the guests. It will captivate your audience because they will listen to something pleasant, something that makes them smile. So be careful, because you put humor in a speech, avoid jokes in bad taste, try to remain at last and especially avoid prices that make you and the groom or the bride a concrete, well you’re going to have all the other entities that won’t understand this joke and therefore won’t laugh and therefore. The problem, with a small flop so here is in the first time, it was taken jobs and in the second time, well the jokes of bad taste.

We’re going to avoid that too because there, you have to think that there, there now, and the start that is there. There are the grandparents and also there are certain jokes and therefore it is necessary to avoid making in front of grandmother, it is thus one risks to shock then of the things which you can make, it is to add emotion, to say in fact what you have on the heart, to say it is that you feel for the married couple to say to them thank you, that you are a part of their life, here to add a small little emotion. It’s something very pleasant to go from laughter to tears in a few moments, it will cultivate the guests, it will captivate those who are listening to you and it will make the speech much more pleasant. So don’t hesitate to open your heart and say how you feel and well for the person you are giving the speech for, to say how happy you are to be part of their life, to say how proud you are. That’s it, really put some emotion into it.

My fourth tip for having a great speech is to keep it short, a good speech. It’s a speech that’s short, not because it’s fast because it’s faster. Because it is very short in time, that is to say, it lasts from 5 Min. It’s better to make a short speech and leave everyone hungry than to make a very long speech and see people fall asleep, talk to each other, take out their phones, and so on, people’s attention span, while it’s a speech, can still be quite short and usually after 3 or 4 minutes, the guests start to lose interest, start to get bored, start to do something else and that would be a shame. People listen to half of your speech, so try to keep it short. And so, to make sure that your speech is cool enough, you have to practice it first, and the fact that you’re practicing will allow you to, well, check that your speech doesn’t exceed the 2 to 5 minutes that I recommend. And in the second stage, well, it will allow you to practice. And when you take the floor and not for real, well, you’ll be fine, it will be much easier for you to give your speech even if you are someone shy.

5th tip: in addition, the fact of practicing like this, will allow you to come back to this sentence. There you go, you might be able to think. Certain populations that need to be changed, that certain sentences become at other times, this will allow you to adjust your speech and the evening as well as possible. Finally, to sum up, the secrets of a great speech, it’s already hard not to improvise, and here’s to make a plan, write down your ideas, et cetera. Then, the second step is to use a little bit of humor without, of course, going into bad taste or doing too many shots. In the third stage, we’ll put a little emotion into it, we’ll say what’s on our minds. We will thank, vary, and say how much we are we will perhaps even try to make sure that our speech stays.