7 tips to keep your husband lovely

I will give you 7 technics to attract your husband. Anyway, just for you because maybe you know technique number 2 or technique number 5, but you have to know them all for it to work as we said.

The first tip is to take stock, as you probably know, but it’s always important to ask yourself what didn’t work, what else is there, what’s less there, do I know, because I don’t know, I don’t know, because I always think that the problems come from the other, and it’s quite natural, that is to say, the name of the human being to always have the vision, the vision to always do what he does, what he should do, just that it’s the others who are wrong. Except that in this case, we often tend to put the problem on ourselves. So in this assessment ask yourself what the other person did. Ask yourself what you did wrong only, focus on it, you know, we have exactly what we send as messages, so probably behaving differently will give you a different. In the end.

Tip 2 is to forget the clichés. We always have the idea of this bill. There, we come a little, you’re very pretty in the household, a little life next to him and the thing is that I imagine that you want to build a group strongly, so about that yes maybe it will work, but I imagine that you have who are a little bit further, who are more stable and solid, et cetera.

So it’s not just a question of the physical aspect, it’s the third tip, which is to improve communication. So it’s because when we separate, we often tend to be quite aggressive towards others, to be able to talk. The care on the other questioning either too far, of the other I recommend you to be in something that, extremely zen, visualize, for example, it is not the Buddha Candy, someone, a woman that you admire? Toulousain, Gmail for example, someone who is disabled, ask yourself how to behave situation, what are the things that are fired. What would I be like? What would be the movements? What would do about their thinking? An astronaut who is in space and arrives on the moon and has very slow movements, words that are well thought out and thought out like that, rather than being either too thoughtful or too slow. Put your ego aside.

The fourth thing is to free yourself from yourself, so we often tend to expect a lot from the other. And then end up being dependent relationships. We are all dependent anyway 100% Dance deep down maybe more than others is today your husband, you are dependent life because it brings us something in your life, whether it is. Love, whether it’s money, whether it’s time, whether it’s discomfort, whether it’s a situation, try to free yourself from that to become a person who is autonomous, responsible, autonomous and who can find his pleasure herself rather than going to find another, it’s always more interesting to come across a person who is autonomous, who is free to have a person who sacred not you, who is dependent.

The fifth point is to surprise your husband so understood, we always think a bit excited, I suggest you be different from your lessons by your behavior, for example, go and sign up for other things, it can be a yoga class. I discovered a stand-up class at my house, it’s just great. And I think I’m doing well. How could you surprise today by being different and not just in different camps? Finished what is it? The thing you’ve been doing for years that you never dared to do?

Tip number six is to leave the past behind. Uh, we often tend to and it’s been three times that he thinks. It often happens that we get together, they’ll say always the past in us, always that kind of old grudge. Yeah, but at the time is to treat my mother and we’re arguing about that we’ll stop and forget about it. But in the present time, the stylist more enjoys every moment of what you live and you’ll see that forgetting the past, if you ever get with him, to constantly harp on it, it’s problems that happened. The broom, Cetera. It is in the present moment, all-knowing bread.

7th point, it is hard again and I think you will do it much better than me because you have been together and it has already gone well between you, how did you situate yourself at the beginning? What happened? What are the phrases, the places, the locations? Why wouldn’t you imagine falling into the same kind of situation again? Were you less hooked by text messages? You were less all the time, et cetera. Maybe when you meet at a restaurant and Ben you were expecting not on the foot of the restaurant, let’s say a restaurant, and that’s what makes you in a new text, in a love relationship. New deck, but often you expect in front of the restaurant, maybe you should change the place to meet him again the not always meet him at your place can be going out for other people and maybe when he you when you see positive signs. not on the occasion for the top but make a little wait related.