How to communicate with your partner?

I’m going to give you 4 very concrete keys to get out of communication deadlocks so that you can finally put dialogue back into your relationship and start building it again. So what happens when you stop communicating? It’s probably the situation you’re in, either you can’t talk to each other at all. There’s some kind of blank or cold. Everyone is on the defensive, they say everyone is on their own. We’re very, very bad, there’s a lot of tension or we’re in a less tense state, but it’s more a kind of collocation. But in reality there is more interest, more desire. There’s more of us and it’s a relationship that’s, that’s really, that’s, we’ll say in perdition, or sometimes something very hostile and very blocked and something that’s going to be. There is a lot of aggressiveness. How can the army get out of all these difficulties at the level of the Commission? I’m going to share four keys with you.

The first is to accept that the way your partner communicates is not necessarily the way you communicate. So it’s important to understand and accept that. There are many ways of communicating, verbal, there are people who are later, there are people who are more emotional, there are people, so the emotional in different ways, can be emotional, in many different ways and what happens very often is that in fact what I really see with my accompaniment is that in fact there are many things happening between people, but in fact one and the other does not see what is happening. In the partner’s house and so in fact at that moment, Sir, at that moment, communication cannot flow. It’s really about being able to step back, smile a little bit more at the other person and be able to accept the modality of contact. The modality of communication of your partner, which can be completely different from the one that is the model, is known to you or the one you expect.

The 2nd way is to take to listen. It’s actually coming out of the monologue, so coming out of the patterns, it can be a monologue that you do with your partner. You actually talk you listen to talk, then don’t like it. So bad tone built in it so much the possibility to get into the discussion, but it really got to get into something. Or you go to both listening to yourself and that is a little more aligned with what’s really going on inside you. We’ll say enough of your dialogue about what’s going on inside you and also listening to your partner, so it’s being able to both rephrase what’s being said in the conversation, asked open questions. It started with your mum. So opening up a dialogue with something that is a bit more offbeat. Really? The emotional, at least in the hyper mobility, we are more in the construction, in the search for a way, but for that, you have to have confidence in the process.

3rd is to accept your partner’s attempts to get closer. This attempt to get closer, which can sometimes be extreme, your partner comes to you and you come completely out of step with the discussion and say why is he saying that? In fact, it is when your partner suddenly asks a question that we expect. It can be when your partner puts his hand on your arm while you are in the middle of a discussion? It’s not that your partner is offering you any of this. These are attempts to get closer. And if you are always deflecting these attempts to get closer and Ben, you miss the opportunity to re-establish the dialogue, to enter into communication with them. It’s a connection and learning to receive them is taking responsibility. A, 100% by what happens in the relationship and what happens in the communication.

And then. to finalize all that it is to be able to make in fact to establish the application it is to be able to make your good or not it is to say to take share of responsibility to understand that 700% responsible for what happened in your confrontation one will say 2nd point it is to be able to see how you could have avoided the situation and 3rd point it is to make in kind together to avoid the situation thus it is not completely in what you are going to make to avoid the situation next time.