How to get a great relationship?

How do you react when you have crises in your daily life, when it becomes unbearable? First step before you save the day? Look at your personal life. That advice there? Let’s start with, is this really what you do? At the time, you blame the other guy. Step 2, that means strictly betting, but it’s being right, even when you’re right, it just adds fuel to the fire and your completely using things that you really can’t, so it’s good to be right. The second step is to say, what can I put in place in my personal life? Well, I like to go hiking. I’d like to go to the neighbourhood and I’ve been offered this activity at our party. Rather than talking, we’re going to look at the experiences and that’s extremely powerful. We’re going to look at the fact that we’re living strong moments because that allows us to resolve the lack of coming back later. Step 3 is already a journal. What you were saying and be as specific as possible. What I want is every morning, 8 o’clock for the music and we have lunch with that. It’s precise, you’ll write what you want, you’ll see. It’s about communicating, passing the quid. Excuse me, what will change you, either a positive action to ask questions, know how it is complicated. For now. Really take action? You are going to have a sentimental life will be much easier if you have this will be direct, including unsubscribe to. If you are on the verge of separation, you would really like to avoid this? there are big articles on how relationships are complete. We know how to manage, how to do together, that the communication leaves more, the communication, the sharing and poverty, the pleasure, the complicity. That’s how we’re going to complicate it.